Mochi Making Class


Hoste Productions partnered with Unity to deliver a mochi making class right at their office! The employees were invited to come and join our chef, Alice in creating their own specialized mochi. The room was setup with tables full of materials and toppings they would need over the course of the class.


With the mochi rice cooking while the guests arrived, they were able to listen to a presentation about mochi from Chef Alice. Learning about how mochi is made and it’s appropriate times to be served, the guests were excited to start getting their hands sticky. Chef Alice demonstrated in the front how to handle the mochi, directing the guests on how to roll, pat and fill the mochi. There was a variety of flavors, toppings and fillings for the guests to try. Some were traditional like sugar soy sauce and others more modern like peanut butter and jelly.

Towards the end of the class the guests were mochi making professionals! They had gotten the form down and were making multiple batches of mochi. Chef Alice had then brought around an herbal tea mixture to complete the experience. The guests loved the combination of the mochi and tea so much we had to refill the cups constantly. Once the class had ended Chef Alice encouraged the guests to wrap up their mochi and share with their families this wonderful experience.

Sophia Lorenzi