Our Philosophy

We believe food can be both refined and accessible. Combining our roots in hospitality with empathy and storytelling, we design experiences fit to spark any guest's curiosity in food, engaging guests through five main impact points—the senses, culture, science, community and play.

See below for our Core Values.


Be a Host

With the spirit of service, we enjoy going above and beyond for our guests with generosity and grace, as if hosting someone in our own home.

Culinary Quality

We are committed to sourcing the best possible ingredients from the bounty of local farms, ranches, and fisheries, purchasing seasonal, organic produce and pasture-raised animal products whenever possible to create nourishing, memorable dining experiences every time.

Intentional Curation

We help define what success means to you, as an individual, as a business, as one of our team members, as a client. We see each event as a closed loop, and we holistically curate each experience, pairing particular team members, venues, menus, and overall vibe to the clients’ needs, with no details unchecked. This also includes being dedicated to sustainable practices, such as avoiding single-use plastics, limiting food waste, and working with value-aligned partners.

Refined with Strong Design

With a strong attention to detail, we create environments so that all humans involved with the event (guests and team alike) can interact with each other and the space with a sense of comfort and ease.

Good Vibrations

We like to have fun and we know you do too. Our guests are happy when our staff is happy and vice versa. We seek to create a refined yet relaxed, familial, and inclusive vibe for each event.