Chocolate 101 at Square Headquarters


Once the guests arrive they were greeted by our staff and welcomed into the space. Many of the guests arrived happy since the smell of the melting chocolate spread through their office space. The tables are always prepped with the ingredients and directions for the class. This chocolate making class was located at Square Headquarters in San Francisco. It was created for a team bonding experience, helping them to communicate with their coworkers in a different space while learning how to make delicious truffles!


With the help of our chef, Vanessa, the team was able to learn about the process of how truffles were made. Vanessa taught the team how to temper the chocolate and add different decorations to the top. We had an assortment of toppings such as; matcha, lavender, chili, black salt and turmeric. Many people were interested most in how they wanted to decorate their 10 truffles.


When tempering the chocolate many people were persist in getting within the perfect range; between 88 and 90 degrees. With the use of a chocolate tempering machine we were able to check every one to make sure that they were ready to start dipping their truffles in the melted chocolate and then decorating their truffles. Most people were surprised at how hot the chocolate remains hot even though it is not as hot as it feels to the touch. They worked fast to dip and dunk their truffles to achieve the perfect coating of chocolate so the decorations would be able to stick. By the end of the class the team was excited to box up their truffles and share with their families. Some people even stayed behind to use some of the extra melted chocolate to make more truffles to share!

Sophia Lorenzi