Culinary Classes

We offer private, group tasting classes, and we offer hands-on cooking classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. See each city's respective page to learn which classes are available in your city.

Taught by experts in their respective fields, these single-topic, accessible yet refined classes are designed to get everyone curious about food, empowering guests with culinary literacy to use in significant life moments, from dates to business deals, dinner parties and home entertaining.

Designed to take place at your office, at your group's offsite destination, or at one of our beautiful partner locations, these hands-on classes are perfect for creating meaningful connections within your group, getting them out of their usual element, rolling up their sleeves and trading tasting notes in no time.

Depending on your budget, we can create a turn-key experience, handling venue, logistics, design, and production of the event.

Please note that any of the cooking classes can also include a sit-down family-style meal at the end of the class. Ex. after your Pasta Making 101 class ends, you can sit down to a 4-course, family style meal with salads, sides, pastas, and dessert. Additionally, each cooking class can also be offered alternatively as a dining event. Example: Dumpling 101 Class can simply be a 4-course dumpling dinner.

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