Custom Catering

We specialize in refined yet relaxed, chef-driven catering.

Steering away from chafing dishes, big buffet lines, and white-shirt-black-tie passed apps, we work with you to holistically determine the best quality food and beverage options for your event, considering your budget, venue, guests, and timeline.

In order to reflect of sense of place for your gathering, we use the food and venue as the backbone of each experience to then incorporate elements such as florals, high quality serving ware, candles, and other decor. We believe each element incorporated into an event should enhance the communal gathering, not distract from it.

We’re the best combination of a private-chef meets your personal event planner. Each event has a dedicated chef and event producer who will guide you throughout the event process to ensure culinary quality and a seamless event experience from start-to-finish.

Some of our popular offerings are listed below. Any of these offerings can be combined and mix and matched however necessary for your needs. We offer a full-service experience with all details handled by us from start-to-finish, or we are happy to collaborate in tandem with your existing event planner.

Family-Style Dinners

  • Ideal for teams and groups seeking an intimate yet casual gathering, including small holiday parties and various celebrations

  • Typically a seasonally-inspired 3-4 course meal, prepared by one of our chefs in the cuisines they specialize in respectively

Breakfast + Lunch Spreads

  • Ideal for working offsites and meetings, where the food is delicious but in the backdrop of the main event taking place

  • Casual, buffet-style spreads can be customized to be very robust, or can be a simple breakfast to be enjoyed while working

Happy Hour Reception

  • Collaborate with our expert bartenders to create a custom drink menu fit for your event

  • Some food options include: stationed appetizers, abundant, artisan cheese and charcuterie boards, and more.

Stationed Apps

  • Perfect for a holiday party when you’re looking for ample food without a sit-down dinner

  • Also ideal for events with multiple gathering spaces

Multi-Day Events of Your Wildest Dreams

  • Off-the-grid camping trip in the wilderness? Chef-artist collaborations in an unmarked warehouse? No kitchen? No problem! We have the most amazing crew to bring your craziest ideas to life! Drop us a line!