Wine 101 Class

CLIENT: Unity Technologies

VENUE: Unity HQ, San Francisco

ROLE: Curation, Design + Production of Introductory Wine Class

We partnered with Unity Technologies in downtown San Francisco to bring an engaging, fun yet educational Wine 101 class to 20 employees, taught by our in-house expert wine facilitator Alexandria Dempsey. The objective was to demystify wine, providing practical education for employee enrichment, and creating an environment where employees across multiple departments could interact with each other and learn. 

We created an engaging, welcoming environment ripe for learning by:

  • Creating a curriculum that focused on how to talk about wine in accessible ways, including flavor profiles and learning how to order at restaurants
  • Curating savory + sweet appetizers that complemented the flavors of the wine
  • Designing the layout of the class to facilitate conversation between attendees, as well as listening to the faciltator
  • Sending a recap email to the group with the list of wines we tried and where to purchase them, what are the 5 takeaways from the class to remember, and further reading

photography by Mitchell Maher