Case Studies

Dumpling 101 Class + 4-Course Dinner

CLIENT: OpenTable

VENUE: Naked Kitchen, San Francisco

ROLE: Curation, Design + Production of Dumpling Class/Dinner

OpenTable's restaurant team joined us for a dynamic Dumpling 101 Class and four-course dinner, for their Q1 team-building off-site at Naked Kitchen in the Mission District. The objective was to take some time out of their bustling schedule to bond and connect over a fun and engaging class. The class happened to take place during the Lunar New Year, so we decorated the space to reflect the traditions of the holiday season.

We created an engaging + fun environment by:

  • Guests learned the history of dumplings, how they relate to the Lunar New Year, and learning to actually make dough guests took home at the end of the night
  • Expertly curated wine pairings from Bay Grape to match pre-meal snacks and meal courses, with sparkling wine upon arrival
  • Designing the layout of the class to facilitate conversation between attendees, as well as listening to the chef and facilitators
  • Sending a recap email to the group with recipes to recreate them at home

photography by Mitchell Maher

Wine 101 Class

CLIENT: Unity Technologies

VENUE: Unity HQ, San Francisco

ROLE: Curation, Design + Production of Introductory Wine Class

We partnered with Unity Technologies in downtown San Francisco to bring an engaging, fun yet educational Wine 101 class to 20 employees, taught by our in-house expert wine facilitator Alexandria Dempsey. The objective was to demystify wine, providing practical education for employee enrichment, and creating an environment where employees across multiple departments could interact with each other and learn. 

We created an engaging, welcoming environment ripe for learning by:

  • Creating a curriculum that focused on how to talk about wine in accessible ways, including flavor profiles and learning how to order at restaurants
  • Curating savory + sweet appetizers that complemented the flavors of the wine
  • Designing the layout of the class to facilitate conversation between attendees, as well as listening to the faciltator
  • Sending a recap email to the group with the list of wines we tried and where to purchase them, what are the 5 takeaways from the class to remember, and further reading

photography by Mitchell Maher

Curious Cannabis Salon

Client: Edible Excursions/Curious Cannabis Salon

Venue: Meadow MD Event Space

Role: Guest Experience + Space Design, Website Design, Vendor Logistics, Day-of Production

We collaborated with Edible Excursions, an award-winning Bay Area food tour company, to create the Curious Cannabis Salon, a culinary-focused event that sought to demystify the emerging world of medical + recreational cannabis, geared towards guests aged 50+ without previous experience with the plant. Guests engaged with a carefully selected community of local experts in an intimate, accessible, + casual setting, + left feeling informed + empowered about the benefits of potentially incorporating cannabis into their lives.

We created a disarming, beautiful, + engaging environment by:

  • Having informed "tour guides" at the registration to engage guests + guide them into the space
  • Using coffee tables + comfortable seats so vendors could engage the attendees in an intimate setting
  • Clearly labeling medicated + non-medicated bites so guests could make informed decisions
  • Personally connecting with each vendor prior to the event to clearly explain the older clientele, discuss accessible language, + create a comfortable container

photography by Karen Lei Wang


Experimental Dinner Party 01

Client: The Experimental Dinner Party

Venue: West Oakland Private Home

Role: Experience Curation, Guest Experience + Space Design, Vendor Logistics, Day-of Production

Sophia's personal passion project is the Experimental Dinner Party, an offline experiment that pops up in clandestine Bay Area locations. A chef, an artist, + a bartender collaborate to create an ephemeral, intentional evening filled with surprise, joy, beauty, + amazing food. 

photography by Mitchell Maher